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Polycraft Boats Inc. Canada | Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions so please explore the Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is Smartwave really coming to Canada

  • Yes! 

2. Where can I buy Smartwave boats?

  • Currently Smartwave boats are only available directly from  Email us today!

3. What models will be available?

  • All models will be available for sale in Canada. 

4. When will I be able to buy a Smartwave?

  • Smartwave boats have been manufactured in New Zealand for over 35 years.  The lead time for the Smartwave boats will be 2-3 months from time of order to delivery. Please contact us for more info on specific models.

5. How much will each model cost?

  • Please go through the Order process and you will see the prices for all the different models and configuration options. Please note the price is for the hull only. Motors, trailer, rigging, accessories, tax, title and freight are additional. Prices are subject to change.

6. How can I register my Smartwave?

  • Upon purchase, you will receive a new Canadian Title for your Smartwave vessel. Simply take it to your local DMV to register your new Smartwave. All Smartwave vessels sold in Can will have a new Hull Identification Number that is recognized by the Canadian Coast Guard.

7. What is the Order process?

  • Congratulations we're glad you've make the decision to join the Smartwave team. Once you choose your model on this site and submit the form, we will contact you to discuss the options you would like and inform you of an ETA of delivery. At this point, we will require a small deposit to guarantee your build slot. Once your vessel arrives at the port, we will contact you. At this time, all Smartwave models will be sold by through  Please note delivery charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Email us directly with any questions you may have about ordering a Smartwave boat.

8. Where can I buy accessories?

  • All accessories will be available directly from

9. Are you accepting dealer applications?

  • If you are a licensed new boat dealer with the authority to sell and rig Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude or Suzuki motors, we ask that you email us directly at

Was your question not answered? Please drop us a line below in the Contact us page.

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